Our sustainable packaging

Our sustainable packaging

Our packaging had to be different. 

Less than 50% of products used in the bathroom are recycled compared to 90% in the kitchen. On top of this, the products that are recyclable tend to look pretty ugly (in our opinion!) or at least sacrifice style and convenience for sustainability. At Wild, we saw this as a challenge and set out from day one to design a product that could push the boundaries of sustainability, yet also look and feel beautiful. We wanted to create a product that people would be proud to carry around and showcase in their bathrooms. 

After 12 months of design, endless iterations, tooling and manufacturing, we couldn’t be prouder of the final packaging we’ve created for Wild. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


The casing.

We believe that to be truly sustainable, we must completely remove single-use plastic from our supply chain, which is why we've designed and invested in these beautiful cases.

To minimise plastic, we made our cases from anodised aluminium with post consumer recycled plastic details. We ensured that it was stylish and sleek, with a premium aesthetic so that it can fit right into your daily routines. We also made sure it was lightweight and durable so that you can use it again and again. In fact, it should last you a lifetime.

The refills. 

Our refills are entirely plastic free. To achieve this, we made the packaging from 100% biodegradable bamboo pulp, so you can either recycle or compost them as soon as your deodorant is all used up. 

They’re also designed for ultimate convenience and so we ensured that they were slim enough to fit through your letterbox. They're even delivered in packs of three to reduce packaging. Hopefully this means no more rushing to the shops on a panic deodorant pick-up trip, or even waiting around for the postman. You’ll always have your Wild deo when you need it. 

The end product.

We’ve really taken our time to create a stylish, convenient and sustainable design. All you have to do now is choose your colour, pick your scents and let us know how it feels to go wild with your daily routines!



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