Say hello to cheese scented deodorant

Say hello to cheese scented deodorant

Life’s better when you’re eating cheese. And when we’re not tasting cheese, we want to be smelling it. That’s why we’ve hooked up with the cheesegeek to bring you a range of not one, but three, cheese scented deodorants. 

Say hello to our new scents: Eau de Bleu, Salt & Milk and Nutty Orange, each inspired by Britain’s finest cheeses.

Eau de Bleu

Tangy, rich and slightly spicy, this deodorant is inspired by Shropshire Blue and will keep you smelling cheesy all day every day.

Salt & Milk 

The softest of the trio, this fragrance is inspired by Baron Bigod, giving subtle earthy aromas reminiscent of the rolling green hills and luscious grass of Norfolk.

Nutty Orange 

This deo lives up to its name, it's nutty (in taste), orange (in colour) and the smell... well you'll just have to wait to try inspired by Appleby's Cheshire, you'd be wild to miss out on this.
With just a couple of swipes, our new refills will counteract your own cheesy BO and replace it with the pungent scent of the cheesegeek’s most exquisite cheeses. Whether you’re a first-time cheese adventurer or a fully-fledged connoisseur, this limited edition range of refills will take you on a sensory journey guaranteed to ripen any morning routine.

Best of all? We’ve made perfect replicates of these cheese scents with our award-winning natural and vegan formula

Available to buy today!

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