Transitioning your skincare: Summer/Winter

Transitioning your skincare: Summer/Winter

Times they are a-changing. The leaves are falling, the nights are growing cold, and we’re all starting to reach for the jumpers that we packed away at the back of our cupboards all those months ago. Yes, the Summer is officially over - and Autumn has begun. Goodbye sunshine, hello spiced lattes. 

If you, like Team Wild, have been having your very own Hot Girl Summer, then it’s time to put away your heavy-duty sun-cream, the soft pink highlighters, your Love Island water bottle, and start preparing for the colder weather. In short this means remembering to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, and prevent the cold weather from sucking away all of your glow! 

Don’t know where to start? Fear not, Wild is here with the perfect plan for Autumn skin and how to have your very own Cool Girl Winter. We’re focusing on the three most important areas - skin, body, and mind. At Wild we know that two of the biggest parts of your skincare routine is health and wellbeing. Being healthy on the inside will lead to having glowing, healthy skin on the outside. 


Autumn/Winter has an awful habit of drying out skin. During this time of year, skin may become flaky or easily aggravated, and those who suffer with rosacea may see their skin flare up. This is why it’s super important to use products with added moisture - whether on your face, your lips, or your body. Look out for products with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and natural oils. Wild Deodorants, for example, use a range of natural oils such as Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, which are known to soothe and add moisture to sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic Acid, on the other hand, keeps skin looking plump and full, and soothes any inflammation, redness or irritation caused by cooler climates. We find that the simplest and most effective way to supercharge your skin, is to add a few drops of hyaluronic acid (such as this one from The Ordinary) to your normal every-day moisturiser, for an added kick! 

As well as moisturising, you should protect your skin by creating a barrier from harsh weather. Try wearing a primer before applying your makeup. This serves a double function - adding an extra base level of glow, and also creating a layer of protection for your skin which locks in goodness and keeps out the cold. We recommend the Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer, which is affordable, convenient, and guarantees supple skin and long lasting makeup. 

Mind & Body

When it comes to washing our faces, we’re very particular with the kind of product we apply on our skin. For some reason, this hasn’t filtered through to the products we apply to our bodies. But, just as Winter weather impacts upon your skin, it also impacts upon your body. Start by avoiding any cleansers or body washes that ‘foam’ - this often strips the skin of valuable moisture and hydration, and can leave the skin feeling rubbery. It is best to invest in or search out creamy, richer products that can easily be followed by body moisturisers or lotions. 

Next, make sure that you’re still getting enough exercise. Just because the sun has gone away, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a healthy dose of activity-derived endorphins. What’s good for the body, is good for the mind. This could mean taking up a sport or activity that you can easily do inside - whatever the weather. One perfect example is yoga. All you need is a mat, or a suitable space, and you can get your Vinyasa on even if there are storms outside. 

Those endorphins will do wonders for your skin - and, crucially, will allow you to sweat out any toxins in your body. Vital to this is wearing a deodorant that doesn’t clog up your pores (and which doesn’t include aluminium). Wild Deo allows your body to sweat, while also guaranteeing effective protection - perfect for yoga or pilates! 

Just like the seasons change, so too does your skin - but with these tips, we’re hopeful that you’re now well on your way to achieving your Cool Girl Winter. So bring on the lattes, the blanket scarves, and the glowing skin! 

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