Wild’s Partnership With ON A MISSION

Wild’s Partnership With ON A MISSION


We’re proud to say Wild is a climate positive company. This means at no additional cost to you, any carbon released into the atmosphere by us, and more, is absorbed back out of the atmosphere by trees through our partnership with ON A MISSION. 

We've partnered with ON A MISSION for their great work funding sustainable reforestation projects that support local farmers and communities to plant trees. Not only does their work positively impact our climate but creates long-lasting benefits to the livelihoods of local communities.  To share some of the wonderful work they are doing to slow climate change, we chatted to ON A MISSION's co-founders, Fred and Auréline to find out more.

The pair started ON A MISSION 15 years ago after Fred witnessed devastating forest fires destroy entire forests and habitats in Thailand and Burma. This, combined with the worsening climate crisis, urged Fred to act. He decided trees would be one of the most effective natural solutions to help mitigate climate change whilst also benefiting communities and local biodiversity. Fred teamed up with his co-founder, Auréline, to build ON A MISSION and grow a community of businesses and individuals willing to have a positive impact on our planet.

The co-founders began the project spending several months mapping all the reforestation projects they could find across the world. Each potential project was then evaluated based on several sustainable reforestation criteria including the involvement of local communities in the tree planting activities, duration of the project and the impact on biodiversity and the local water cycle. The projects that could bring about the biggest change were chosen and ON A MISSION set about developing long-term partnerships with the local organisations based on trust, collaboration, transparency and a strong willingness to have a positive impact on our climate and planet.

ON A MISSION work with many projects but one that stands out for the co-founders is their reforestation project in mountainous Nepal. Fred and Auréline, who both come from mountainous regions themselves, have a strong emotional connection to the landscape and communities involved in this project. The project is unique because of its location on challenging terrain that has been made unstable by previous deforestation activities. The communities in the valley are frequently affected by natural disasters including landslides and rockfalls. The project aims to restore native forests and ecosystems which in turn provides food for villagers, shelter for wildlife, soil regeneration and climate regulation. So far, 4 million trees have been planted which also work to stabilise the steep slopes surrounding the villages and provide long-term reductions in the risk of rock falls and landslides.

Once partnerships like the one in Nepal have been established, this is where Wild comes in. For every deodorant you buy, we donate a percentage to help fund reforestation projects and offset our carbon emissions. ON A MISSION calculate our emissions by taking into account all of our activities such as the extraction of raw materials, the production of our deodorant and its packaging, transport and emissions produced by our headquarters and employees.  Once this total is found, we compensate 1.5 times our total yearly emissions by funding the planting of trees that will sequester the equivalent amount of carbon.

ON A MISSION work closely with the planting organisations and carry out satellite monitoring of the reforested zones to follow the growth of the trees to ensure that the reforestation projects are successful in the long term. They will be giving us regular updates on the tree planting activities our deodorants are helping and we can’t wait to share these with you.

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