Can sweat really be good?

Can sweat really be good?

We love things that are natural at Wild and nothing is more natural than a bit of sweat!

Sweating may seem extremely gross, and no one likes that feeling of getting caught out when stressed at work or bumping into anyone after a workout because of the unpleasant smell which is undoubtedly lingering. But sweat is good! Our bodies are designed to do it and there are important reasons for this natural function.

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Sweat is used to remove toxins

The two primary and crucial reasons for sweating is to regulate our body鈥檚 temperature and release toxins. The body uses sweat to cool the body during times of stress brought about for various reasons such as anxiety, raised body temperature (like fever or in a sauna) or the positive stress of exercise.

Toxic heavy metals (such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury) found in water, food, cigarettes, and industrial emissions are known to be harmful to your heart, brain and kidneys. Studies have shown that these harmful metals can help to be removed from the body by sweating.

Added benefits:

Aside from regulating temperature and removing toxins from the body sweating can also promote healthier skin by improving skin cell turnover, protect our hearts by increasing circulation and strengthening the cardiovascular system, speed recovery after exercise, lower stress hormones, decreases risk of Alzheimer聽and even boosts sexual desire and attraction!

Blocking pores:

Despite all these benefits of sweating, it is still the norm that most of us use antiperspirants. Antiperspirants use chemicals including aluminium that work to clog up our sweat pores (hence the name antiperspirants) and prevent our bodies from carrying out their natural sweating function.

Could Natural be the solution?

At Wild we have worked hard to create a deodorant range that allows the body to carry out its normal processes but avoids any of the embarrassment of smell or moisture as we use a careful selection of natural ingredients to keep your skin dry and smelling fresh all day.

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