What is an ‘aluminium-free deodorant’ and should I be using one?

What is an ‘aluminium-free deodorant’ and should I be using one?

We're often asked what an aluminium-free deodorant is and why we claim to be aluminium-free when our casing is made from aluminium. Here’s a quick explanation to clear this up and explain the benefits of switching to an aluminium-free deodorant.

Why do antiperspirants have aluminium in them?

Many mainstream antiperspirants contain a synthetic group of aluminium salts. Their function is to reduce sweating through being absorbed into the body and temporarily blocking sweat glands. By preventing perspiration, there is less opportunity for the growth of odour causing bacteria which form when sweat lingers on the skin.

Some studies have found a link between the daily use of aluminium based antiperspirants with Alzheimer's and some cancers. Whilst the link is ambiguous, what we are sure of is that sweating is a natural and healthy process that regulates our body temperature and remove toxins from the body.  There are plenty of reasons to let your body sweat and we totally support switching to aluminium-free options like Wild that let your body carry out its natural functions.

How do aluminium free deodorants still work effectively?

Aluminium-free deodorants contain alternative ingredients that work to keep you dry and stop your underarms from smelling unpleasant by using natural ingredients that are kind to your body. For instance, Wild’s formula contains tapioca starch, an absorptive powder extracted from the roots of the cassava plant which keeps you dry without blocking your sweat glands. Another ingredient is baking soda which is antibacterial so prevents body odour from forming and keeps you smelling fresh all day- even on those busy days!

These ingredients are gentle on your skin and are a great substitute for aluminium.­ You can find a full list to the benefits of all of our ingredients here.

It’s also the aluminium found in antiperspirant that leaves those annoying yellow stains on your clothes when it comes into contact with your sweat. So a natural deodorant without aluminium means no stains and great news for your pristine white tees!

But what about your aluminium casing?
By calling our deodorant aluminium-free, we are referring to there being no aluminium salts in the deodorant formula. In contrast, our refillable casing is made from aluminium alloy which is very different to aluminium salts in antiperspirants.  It's an incredibly safe and commonly used form of packaging because it’s lightweight and highly durable. This means your casing can last you a lifetime making it an eco-friendly and a great alternative to plastic!
So to sum that all up, Wild deodorant is aluminium-free because it does not contain synthetic aluminium salts. However, our casing is made from entirely safe aluminium metal designed to allow you to easily apply your deodorant, refill after refill. 
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