Will I experience a 'transition period' when switching to Wild deodorant?

Will I experience a 'transition period' when switching to Wild deodorant?

If you’ve done your research on natural deodorants, you may have come across people mentioning a ‘transition period’. For those blissfully unaware of this phenomenon, it is essentially a period of excess sweating that occurs whilst your body adjusts from years of antiperspirant use to a natural deodorant.

The good news is that many people who make the switch do not experience this change and your journey to the natural side will be a very pleasant one.  Others will find that they sweat, and smell, more than usual for up to 2 weeks until things settle down.
This unfortunate extra sweating is a result of switching from antiperspirants that contain aluminium salts to a natural deodorant without aluminium. Aluminium is used in antiperspirant because it blocks your sweat glands and thus stops you sweating. When you remove the plug, by stopping using antiperspirant, your body goes into overdrive by sweating more. Don't worry though as this won’t last for long and will slow down quickly. Many people who have fully transitioned to natural deodorant find they even sweat less than they did when they used antiperspirant!
Our biggest advice is to stick with it, even if this feels like it's taking a while, and enjoy the experience knowing that you are detoxing from years of antiperspirant use.

Here’s a little timeline of what to expect if you do go through a transition period:
 Is there anything I can do to help the situation?

Yes! There are some great tricks you can do to make this phase a little less..well..sweaty.

Shower more than usual
It’s not sweat itself that’s the cause of body odour but rather when sweat is left on the skin, it encourages the growth of odour causing bacteria. If you shower more regularly, you can keep washing away the sweat and stopping the development of odours.

Use a clay mask on your armpits. 
The clay in the mask works to draw out odour-causing impurities including bacteria, dirt, and oil. There are even clay masks out there specially formulated for your underarms.

Apply Wild throughout the day!
A much easier option than clay masks (in our opinion!). Just top up your deodorant if you sense things getting a bit funky.

 And there you have it. That's the smelly pit stop, how long it lasts and what you can do about it. Think of it like a natural deodorant rite of passage.

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