Your Guide to a Greener Bathroom

Your Guide to a Greener Bathroom

Here at Wild, we’re passionate about sustainability and protecting the world around us. This week it’s Recycling Week, and to celebrate we’ve put together a super simple guide on how to make your bathroom a sustainable zone! Say hello to your greener bathroom!

Ditch the Parabens and toxins

We know what you’re thinking, don’t worry – what even is a paraben? And why are they bad? Well, you’ve come to the right place – let us explain!

Parabens were used in years gone by to preserve numerous beauty products, and to prevent them from developing bacteria or mould meaning that products had an increased shelf life. Fast-forward to 2019, and parabens are still seen by many companies as a cheap way of doing just that. Here at Wild, however, we never include parabens in our products. That’s because we know that parabens can enter the body by penetrating the skin, sometimes disrupting hormones and natural processes.

But how is this bad for the environment? Well, just as parabens can penetrate the body, parabens can also be found in the environment. Parabens find their way into water systems, with one report suggesting they were found in dolphins… 

At Wild, we want to keep everything as natural as possible – so say goodbye to parabens and toxins. Look through your bathroom products, paying attention to ‘butylparaben’, ‘methylparaben’ and ‘propylparaben’ on the ingredients list, and remember to keep things natural!

Use Natural Products and make your own

Another tip is to find alternatives to your skincare, body-care, and cleaning routines! Why not try making your own face-mask as opposed to buying one? This way you save money and keep your skin clean and glowing without relying on nasties and pesky chemicals! Natural ingredients have a range of properties – such as honey for soothing, oats for anti-inflammation, and bananas for moisturising!

Another tip is to buy environmentally friendly products! Be sure to check that they are paraben-free, free of harsh chemicals, not tested on animals, and are vegan-friendly. All of our ingredients are listed on our website, and you can rest assured that our main priority is championing your skin’s natural goodness!

Ditch the unsustainable materials

Nearly all of us will have some cotton pads or wet wipes hidden in the back of our bathroom cupboards – and we get it, they’re an easy way to get rid of that mascara after a night out! But the biggest problem with using both cotton pads and wet-wipes, is their impact upon water systems. Cotton farming can have serious consequences upon the environment – traditional methods can lead to the pollution of water and the damaging of wildlife. Wet wipes, on the other hand, are known to clog up waterways and damage marine wild-life. Luckily, eliminating them from your skin-care routine is easy. Invest in a flannel and an ethically-sourced cleanser, and you’re off to go!

And that’s it! Our simple 3-step guide on how to ensure you have an eco-friendly bathroom! If you have any more tips, then send them our way at or DM us at @wildrefill !

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