Your Vegan Skincare Routine

Your Vegan Skincare Routine

Last week, we showed you how to make your bathroom a greener space - but we know that the hard work doesn’t stop there! In the run-up to Animal Day on the 4th of October, we’re discussing all-things animal-friendly and vegan. In this week’s blog, we present to you the very best vegan skincare products on the market. Thank us later! 

Step-One: Neek Skin Organics Cleanser  

This is a super gentle cleanser that removes make-up and dirt, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth. It is designed with blemish-prone skin in mind, and only uses products that are suitable for sensitive skin such as wild peach extract. The cleanser is free from parabens, mineral oils, and palm oil, and is never tested on animals. 

Neek Cleanser

Apply directly on to your face, being sure to massage into the skin (this is very relaxing!). Remove the cleanser using a cloth soaked in warm water or a wet bamboo pad (brands such as Huku provide eco-friendly, non-cotton versions). Some skincare experts recommend that you do a ‘double-cleanse’, and with no need to feel guilty about what’s gone into making it - why not use your cleanser twice?

Step-two: Revolution CBD Tonic

CBD oil is the *it* ingredient of the moment - but did you know that it can also be good for your skin? CBD is known for its calming qualities, which is why this toner helps soothe and de-stress the skin with one easy swoop. The toner also contains tea-tree extract, which helps with anti-inflammation, keeping the skin supple and soft. 

CBD Tonic

It’s well known that the pollution we encounter every day is not good for our skin. This is why the CBD toner is the perfect addition to your skin-care routine, as it helps purify your skin. Revolution uses Cannabis Sativa-derived Hemp and Cannabidiol, which is rich in Vitamin A & E and contains anti-aging and oil-regulatory properties. Best of all, the product is entirely vegan! Use with a bamboo pad, and enjoy the CBD goodness as it sinks into your skin.

Step-three: Pai Back To Life Hydrating Serum

Pai is another Vegan-friendly skincare brand who, like Wild, pride themselves on being upfront with their ingredients. Their ‘Back to Life’ serum is an essential part of a skincare routine which aims to revitalise and brighten the skin. 

Pai Vegan Serum

Pop a pea-sized amount on the tip of your index finger, and warm gently using your fingertips. Gently massage onto dry skin, and leave to sink in. The serum contains hyaluronic acid - the magic ingredient that promises to moisturise sensitive skin without causing outbreaks or being too oily. The serum also contains coconut extract and berry oil, for a luxurious product that isn’t too rich or heavy. 

Step-four: Neighbourhood Botanicals The Daily Glow

Neighbourhood Botanicals is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and home-grown skincare brand that promises style and substance. For morning moisture, use The Daily Glow with its hints of orange blossom and summer rain and for evenings use the rich Dream Dream Dream. The company is female-led and made using recyclable packaging. We also love their vegan-friendly dry shampoos - the Sunday Morning is a must!

The Daily Glow - Neighbourhood Botanicals


To use their moisturisers, tap a little water on to the skin and use a small amount of the moisturising oil on the face. The water will help trap the moisture and revitalise your skin. The oil-based product is a super moisture booster, but does so without leaving the skin feeling overly saturated. 

 If you’re looking to make your skincare routine more sustainable and Vegan-friendly, then follow these simple steps. We know that making the change can seem intimidating - and can be costly. We recommend that you introduce these products as and when you can - starting small with reducing your use of disposable cotton pads, and then starting to transition your skincare. 

With love,

Wild x

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